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- 10 - Werkbladen

The focus of this work sheet is giving some basic information about Australia including some tourist attractions.

Here is a short text about our very own planet. Pupils can fill in the gaps by using the words from the box.

This map of Europe includes numbers on the various countries. Pupils can write down the correct numbers into the circles showing the Dutch translation of each country.

Depicted here are several European countries and their capital cities. Pupils can draw the correct flags into the various boxes. They can also complete a few sentences by filling in some gaps.

Pupils will get to know a few flags of some European countries. They should write down the correct countries onto the lines.

This work sheet includes a list of countries which pupils can translate either into English or Dutch using the words from the box.

Here are some "postcards" with European flags. Pupils can complete sentences by finding out which flags belong to which postcards.

Sightseeing in London is what pupils will learn all about here. There is also a small task at the end.

This word search includes the 50 American states. Pupils will know what to look for by looking at the words in the box.

Pupils can assign a list of words to various pictures by writing their numbers into the circles.

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